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Online Backup is the most cost-effective data protection and recovery services that companies and individuals should not do without.    Whether you are an individual PC user or an IT Director, our services will secure your data and substantially reduce your overall cost of computer ownership.  We are positive you will find the Online Backup services we offer to be what you need to enhance your data protection.   

What is your company doing to ensure that all the valuable data is safe and secure.  Backups kept at your own location leave you open to possible disaster if your premises becomes victim of fire, water damage, theft, etc. and you do not have a remote copy of up to date data available to get your network and staff up and running in short order.  Many
companies rely on local backups to protect their data.  An additional layer of protection would be to employ a portable device as an option for offsite backup.  With that, however, you must remember to have it taken to and from the designated safe location, the reliability of the portable device is not generally as good, and quite often not up to date, and it leaves it open to another form of vulnerability from theft or damage during transportation.  If the device is not password protected, then your data, which quite often includes financials and proprietary sensitive information, is also open to whoever may have it. 

You Need to have YOUR DATA and YOUR COMPANY protected. 

Call us today for more information on how we can help you.  Backups can be done to include a history and are done over high speed fibre connections to ensure fast and reliable throughput.

Q: Isn't our tape backup system that we use suffictient?
Q: We already use an external method such as USB hard drive.  Is this the same thing?
Q: Will a remote backup impact our operation speed and will it take long to do?
Q: What is the difference between Onsite and Remote backups?

Q: What are the benefits of Remote backups?
Q: Where is the remote backup and data storage located?

Q: Isn't our tape backup system that we use sufficient?

A tape backup system and a remote backup system actually complement each other.  If you are using atape system for daily backups, you can reschedule it to be used to create a full backup of the entire system once or twice a month instead of on a daily basis.  Since tape drives had many moving parts, they would be less likely to fail mechanically, they would require less maintenance and last longer.  The online remote setup would provide a location to store full backups done either incrementally, or differentially, or they could be setup to store just other critical files for accounting, databases, billing, etc..  It would also provide a very quick method of retrieving these critical files since you would not have to search through tape libraries.  This data is also safe from other vulnerabilities such as fire, theft, viruses etc.

Q:We already use an external method such as USB hard drive.  Is this the same thing?It is not ideal for most users. . A remote backup service is more automated and secure and can provide the best for file redundancy to protect important your information.  Some people employ the use of ZIP disks (low capacity by today's standards, CD's and DVD disk, time consuming and can get very unwieldy, or the use of high capacity SATA USB attachments which can be cumbersome and heavy to carry around.  Data on all these types of media should really not be carried around in a backpack.  Some of these methods, such as ZIP disks are also prone to failures.  If they disks are not, as mentioned above, taken off site in a backpack, then the disks are still onsite and are vulnerable to damage, theft, fires, etc.

Q:Will a remote backup impact our operation speed and will it take long to do?
Remote backups are similar and usually can use the same type of software that is being employed for doing tape backups.  A big difference though is that the data is not going to an attached media storage area like a tape etc., so the remote backup receives its data over the internet or if you have a fibre connection to our site, then it is at even higher speeds without going through the internet at all.  Regardless of the type of connection, typically most backups are done during off hours at night or low peak times during the day.  Since it is automated, and if done during the night then no impact is seen at all.  Depending on the type of backup defined, in many cases if during the day, it can be very little impact as well.

 Q:What is the difference between Onsite and Remote backups?
Regular tape backups have the data sent to the device that is attached to the system being backed up.  Remote backups have the data sent encrypted over the internet, or if you have a direct connection using Fibre from your site to our site, then this not only gives another layer of security, but also increases the throughput, thereby minimizing the backup time. 

What are the benefits of Remote backups?

Because the data can be immediately stored off-site using a combination of  automated  and if you want, manual backups, you know that the data is as up to date as possible without having a redundant server in place.   Also, only an internet connection is needed and if you also employ a fibre direct connect, you can completely eliminate the need for expensive backup equipment and media. With an automated system, manual labor is eliminated.
Q:Where is the remote backup and data storage located?

Your data gets stored at our location in a secure building at 151 Front Street, Toronto Ontario Canada, The International Telecom Carrier Hotel and Data Center which uses state of the art fiber optic technology and biometric security to enter the premises. Regulatory compliance is met to ensure that all our clients stays within Canada.

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