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Serv-U Feature Show

More information

  • FTP Voyager JV
    • Web Based ftp client
      Built in File Transfer Client for Serv-U
      • No more wasted time and money due to support problems
      • Eliminate software costs for end-users
      • No installation required
      • Launches right from your end-users' browser
      • A "must have" product for all businesses

      Mobile Web Client
    • Mobile Web Based client

      Mobile Web Client

      The Serv-U File Server is accessible on the iPhone, iPod Touch, Windows Mobile, Android Mobile and BlackBerry.* No additional application is required to remotely access your media or business files from anywhere in the world. With an interface specifically designed for mobile web browsers, Serv-U looks and functions like a native application while retaining Serv-U's revolutionary multi-lingual interface.

      Connect to Serv-U from your iPhone

      • Serv-U has added support for all major mobile devices.
      • View your important office documents on-the-go.
      • View images, stream audio/video, PDF's, Word & Excel documents, power point presentations, and more.
      • Expand your mobile device capacity by streaming audio/videos from your Serv-U server.
      • ...and so much more.

      • Serv-U supports mobile devices such as BlackBerry, iPhone and iPod Touch.

        Serv-U automatically detects your mobile device and loads the mobile login interface shown above. Simply enter your username & password, then tap the login button and Serv-U will place the user in their home directory upon successful login.

        The Mobile Client interface gives you a basic directory listing much like the Web Client. Tap a file or folder to view its contents. Tapping the arrow on the right brings up details and allows you to perform basic file maintenance operations.

        Image files show a small thumbnail when viewing directory listings. Tapping the image file brings up a larger thumbnail. The full-size image can be viewed by tapping the larger thumbnail again.

        Supported image files show a larger thumbnail when viewed separately. To view the image in full size, tap it again.

        Supported image files show a larger thumbnail when viewed separately. To view the image in full size, tap it again.

    • Browser Based File Transfer Client

      The Web Client is a great way to share your File Server with end-users who may not be as computer savvy as you. It works just like a regular web page to provide an interface that is familiar, unintimidating, and easy-to-use. The Web Client is supported in all Serv-U editions and is compatible with Internet Explorer 6.0+, Mozilla Firefox 1.0+, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera.

      Learn more about the Web Client, or try it out for yourself now using thelive Serv-U Demo Server. Login and launch the Web Client:
    • Built-In Media Player

      Play all your favorite media files using the Media Player built into the Web Client. Play both audio and video files instantly. Use the Playlist feature to turn an entire directory into a streaming playlist of your favorite audio files.

    • Serv-U for your Company

      There has never been a more complete solution for solving your company's file management needs until now. Serv-U incorporates 5 industry-standard transfer protocols to ensure accessibility to the broadest client base. The Web Client and optional FTP Voyager JV transfer client ensures clients can access your server from any location. With support for 13 different languages, Serv-U can be used by your international end-users in their native language.
      Read more about how Serv-U secures file transfers, guarantees integrity, and offers flexible administration.

  • Setting
    the Standard

    Serv-U has a new look, new features, and sets a new standard. The Development team has completely re-engineered Serv-U from the ground up to be faster, more secure, and more flexible than ever before. The industry's most popular FTP server has evolved into the Serv-U File Server.
    When you're using Serv-U, you'll be able to:
    • Restrict directory file rights
    • Deny or allow IP addresses
    • Monitor user actions in real-time
    • Log all commands from users
    • Customize these security settings for each user and group

      Call order entry at 905-820-8813
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